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Aerodynamics Performance of Centrifugal Compressors

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 The course will cover the aerodynamic and thermodynamic concepts used in the process of staging selection and performance prediction, and the criteria for restaging when operating conditions change. It explores the different types of aerodynamic testing, as well as the performance analysis and investigation of test results discrepancies. This course will be useful to experienced engineers and those who are just beginning to specialize in turbo machinery. It is geared to professionals responsible for defining the operating conditions and the specifications used in selecting compressors for oil and gas applications, and for operating and/or testing centrifugal compressors.

Prerequisites: Operation and Maintenance Course or Equivalent Experience



  1. Basic concepts on Compressors
  2. Compressor types
  3. Compressor components
  4. Velocity Triangle
  5.  Compressor losses
  6. Boundary layer
  7. Surge
  8. Stonewall
  9. Transitory Stall Full develop

10.   Flow & Surge Margin & Turndown

11.  Antisurge Control Systems

12.  Vibration Theory

13.  Axis movements

14.  Internal recirculation

15.  Gases Theory

16.   Head (H)

17.  Pressure ratio

18.  Efficiency

19.  Temperature ratio T2/T1

20.  Aerodynamic Power

21.   Power Brake or on Shaft

22.  Dimensional maps

23.  Adimensional maps

24.  Parameters that affect the performance

25.  Aerodynamic concepts

26.  Thermodynamic concepts

27.  Process of staging selection

28.  Process of performance prediction

29.  Criteria for restaging

30.  Different types of aerodynamic testing

31.  Performance analysis

32.  Investigation of test results discrepancies



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