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Systematic management of documentation is needed to support the company's operations. Understanding of how to archive, manage and control the documents required in getting the right information for the company. Information systems and technology filing system is an important requirement in managing data and documents. This training will explore the filling and management of office documents so that documents are always in the ready when needed, up to date and in a controlled that can be applied in everyday life in the company or organization.



After this training, participants are expected to understand and be able to implement effective, fast, accurate and efficient filling system and document control. Participants are also expected to utilize information systems in the filing system.



1. The scope of the document control and filing system
2. Documentation and Filing

  • Understanding and managing filing
  • Type of filling
    • The purpose and the things that need to be considered in the management of filling
    • Copying and distribution files
    • Arrangement archives (classification and coding archives)
    • Maintenance and storage of vital records
    • Loan and depreciation records

3. Document Filing System

  • centralized and distributed Control filebased on business analysis, principles of classification,
  • Classification alphabetically: system of dictionaries, encyclopedias systems and geographic systems, and classification of numbers, decimal filing systems, filing systems chronological order and alphanumeric classification,
  • Indexing and Quality of index,
  • Indexing of important words (KWIC and KWOC), Alphabetical..
  • File maintenance procedures,
  • Monitoring and grouping files
  • Disposition
  • Management of filling space
  • General problems in filling system.

4. Electronic Document Management

  • Planning
  • Survey of document and information,
  • Assessment document
  • Meta data and policy
  • Contextual strategy
  • Safety, quality, and preservation of information

5. Digital Filing System and Application of Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

  • The concept of a digital filing system and its peripheral devices
  • Legality Issues of Digital Archive
  • The procedure of  transfering / Imaging Document
  • Recognition Scanner Category
  • Category and parts of EDMS
  • EDMS Integration with Information and storage
  • Tools and Media Storage
  • Component f cost to implement EDMS

6. Automation Clerks Office  

  • The meaning and impact of automation in the administration office
  • Application of automation in the administration office
  • Information Technology in Office Administration
  • Software for office administration
  • Electronic Filing Systems
  • Management information systems
  • Management database
  • LAN, intranet, dan internet 



Leader (manager / supervisor / head section) or support personnel (staff Administration / Secretary) involved in the administration office or filing documents.



  • Kuala Lumpur & Singapore: IDR 8.500.000 min 3 person, IDR 7.000.000 min 4 person, IDR 6.000.000 min 5 person
  • Bangkok: IDR 9.000.000 min 3 person, IDR 7.500.000 min 4 person, IDR 6.500.000 min 5 person.
  • Hongkong : IDR 9.000.000 min 5 person, IDR 7.500.000 min 6 person , IDR 6.500.000 min 7 person
  • Facility : Certificate, Training kits, USB, Lunch, Coffe Break, Souvenir



Agus Mansur, ST., M.Eng & Team


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