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Feasibility Study

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Jadwal Training PASTI JALAN

19 Maret 2018 s/d 21 Maret 2018 -



Feasibility studies of investment needed to assist investment decision / large projects and is used in the procurement plan assets of the company. This study contains a variety of aspects related to investment will be decided, which includes aspects of the market, technical and production aspects, organizational aspects, financial aspects and environmental aspects. Project investment feasibility study aims to examine and analyze whether an investment activity provides benefits or results when implemented.



  • After this training, participants are expected to:
  • Understand the scope and procedures of Project / Investment Feasibility Study
  • Understand the characteristics of Investment Projects
  • Understand aspects of the investment feasibility study
  • Understand and be able to compile the Project Investment Feasibility Study



1. The scope of the Investment or Project Feasibility Study

• The meaning of investment and other types of investment

• Characteristics of investment projects

• The importance of the project investment feasibility study

• How is identifying investment opportunities

2. Aspects of Investment or Project Feasibility Study

• Aspects of market

• Aspects of the technology and production process

• Aspects of the production capacity

• Aspects of management and organization

• Financial aspects

• Environmental aspects

3.Tecnniques compiled Investment or Project Feasibility Study

• Cycle cash flow (cash flow cycle)

• payback period method (pay back period)

• The return on assets (return on assets - ROA)

• Benefit cost ratio ratio

• cost benefit ratio (profitability index ratio)

• Method of net present value (net present value - NPV)

• The method of internal rate of return results (internal rate of return - irr)

4. Capital Budgeting

• The importance of capital budgeting

• long-term effects

• Grouping of investment proposals

5. Practice and compose Investment Feasibility Study report.



Suitable for managers, supervisors and staff related to project planning, procurement and related purchase and investment planning. 



  • Kuala Lumpur & Singapore: IDR 8.500.000 min 3 person, IDR 7.000.000 min 4 person, IDR 6.000.000 min 5 person
  • Bangkok: IDR 9.000.000 min 3 person, IDR 7.500.000 min 4 person, IDR 6.500.000 min 5 person.
  • Hongkong : IDR 9.000.000 min 5 person, IDR 7.500.000 min 6 person , IDR 6.500.000 min 7 person
  • Facility : Certificate, Training kits, USB, Lunch, Coffe Break, Souvenir



Budi Suprapto, Ph.D & Team


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