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This  training  provides  a  detailed  description  about: 1) the  significance  of  financial statement analysis, 2) the benefits of financial statement analysis, 3) the ways to analyze the  financial  ratios  and  trends, 4) how  to  make  the  sources  and  uses  of  funds, 5) how how  to  create  a  cash  flow  statement, 6) how  to  create  cash  forecasts  and  financial statements, and 6) break-even analysis.



After participants followed, participants will be able to:
1. Understanding the significance of financial statement analysis
2. Understand the benefits that can be derived from financial statement analysis.
3. Analysis performance using financial ratios
4. Analysis with trend analysis
5. Creating reports the sources and uses of funds
6. Make statements of cash flow
7. Make a break-even analysis.



1. The importance of Financial Statement Analysis
? Financial statements
? Benefits of Financial Statement Analysis
? Benchmarking
2. Ratio Analysis
? Liquidity Ratios
? Leverage ratio
? Activity ratio
? Profitability ratios
3. Trend analysis
? Comm on Size Analysis
? Index analysis
? Seasonal Analysis
4. Sources and Uses of Funds Analysis
? the types of sources and uses of funds
? Sources and uses of funds Formula
? Adjustment Sources and Uses of Funds Analysis
5. Cash Flow Statements
? Cash flow operating activities
? Cash flow investing activities
? Cash flow financing activities
6. Cash flow and financial statements Forecasting
? Cash inflows Forecasting
? Cash flow Forecasting
? Balance sheet and income statement Forecasting
7. Break-Even Analysis
? Break even Determination
? Break Even Charting
? Margin on Safety
? Break-even if there are changes in factors


Discussion and Experience
Case Study


Kuala Lumpur & Singapore: IDR 8.500.000 min 3 person, IDR 7.000.000 min 4 person, IDR 6.000.000 min 5 person
Bangkok: IDR 9.000.000 min 3 person, IDR 7.500.000 min 4 person, IDR 6.500.000 min 5 person.
Hongkong : IDR 9.000.000 min 5 person, IDR 7.500.000 min 6 person , IDR 6.500.000 min 7 person
Facility : Certificate, Training kits, USB, Lunch, Coffe Break, Souvenir



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