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Many victims of counterfeiting signatures shocked when it has lost some money in his bank account only through falsification of signatures. Banking world often involves the use of documents in any business activities, both for transactions and other purposes. Checks, demand deposits, deposit books, warrant transfer, and the documents used by the banking customers. Banking institutions themselves, is an institution that holds a sum of money not less. Money, is one of the largest in the world of evil motives. This makes the bank became one of the targets in the crimes. Banking transactions involving withdrawal of money, often using letters and documents as the administrative requirements to take some money from the bank. This gap is then used by criminals to trick in the banking system that relies on documents and signatures in administrative purposes


participants are expected to improve the knowledge and skills that guide security , utilization of systems and procedures to handle the problems that might occur , in relation to the banking service system . Can understand and master the written language and signature as a safety measure to prevent the crime of forgery against signature , handwriting , money and documents 


1.      Definition And Introduction
2.      Introduction Of Posts
3.      Recognizing And Assessing Writing Graphic Elements
4.      Signature With All Variations
5.      Introduction And Analysis Document
6.      Verification Documents
7.      Faked Documents
8.      Money Introduction and Characteristics 
9.      Money Faked
10.  Banking Crime
11.  Physical And Non Physical Crime
12.  Causes Of Crime
Professional Bankers Attitude

 Metode :



       Case Study



Hamid, S.T., M.Eng,CEH CHFI MTCNA MTCWE  and Team


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