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Customer service is a crucial buzzword in the corporate world today. Just about every company seems to understand just how important customer service is and many have started to find ways to improve and measure customer service. In this course we are going to look at what customer service is and isn’t and identify how you can understand and provide good customer service.

Many businesses want to achieve “good customer service”. Right now that’s the brass ring of business training and vision-casting and many companies are analyzing their current mission and realigning it to be increasingly customer-focused.

The design of the course is to give participants a thorough understanding of the principles of economics that are applied to the functions of individual decision makers, both consumers and producers, within the larger economic system.



  • 1. Understand effective methods and strategies for creating excellent customer service.

2. Understand the challenges and problem solving methods of customer service.

  • 3. Learn to recognize and provide not must “good” but “exceptional” customer service
  • 4. Learn how to recognize “poor” customer service.
  • 5. Learn how to “wow” your customer nderstand the communications in customer service.
  • 6. Learn how to be more than just a business acquaintance. Learn how to be your customer’s friend and create loyalty



1. Welcoming customers

  •     The value of excellent customer service
  •     Why are we here?

2. Tourism, leisure and hospitality

  •     The tourism, leisure and hospitality industry
  •     The benefits of tourism
  •     The value of tourism

3. Understanding your customers

  •     The customer experience

4. Delivering service excellence

  •     Key elements of customer service
  •     Customer service trends
  •     Setting and maintaining standards
  •     First impressions

5. Communicating successfully

  •     The communication process
  •     Types of communication
  •     Are you listening?
  •     That’s a good question…
  •     Telephone techniques

6. Providing information and advice

  •     Presenting information to customers
  •     Knowing your local area
  •     Giving directions

7. Meeting specific needs

  •     Providing an accessible service
  •     Language and cultural diversity
  •     Welcoming customers of all ages

8. Dealing with difficult situations

  •     I’m the nice customer
  •     The causes of dissatisfaction
  •     Handling complaints
  •     Resolving problems

9. Boosting business

  •    Using customer service to boost business
  •    Improving quality


 Metode :



Case Study

Investasi dan Fasilitas


Quota minimum 2 peserta

Fasilitas : Certificate,Training kits, USB,Lunch,Coffe Break, Souvenir 

Untuk peserta luar kota disediakan transportasi antar-jemput dari Bandara/Stasiun ke Hotel (Bagi Perusahaan yang mengirimkan minimal 3 orang peserta). 



Dr. Ir. Fauzi Hasan. MM, MBA, and Team


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