In House Training Gas Turbine Generator PT Kaltim Daya Mandiri

In House Training Gas Turbine Generator PT Kaltim Daya Mandiri
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PT Expertindo yang merupakan perusahaan training dan consulting terbaik di Indonesia mengelar In House Training berjudul Gas Turbine Generator atau biasa disebut Training GTG di Bali. Training yang kali ini diikuti 13 peserta yang berasal dari  PT Kaltim Daya Mandiri. Kaltim Daya Mandiri (KDM) adalah salah satu perusahaan utilitas dan Energi yang didirikan dengan tujuan untuk menyuplai kebutuhan utilitas pada fasilitas produksi dan perumahan PT. Pupuk Kaltim serta perusahan-perusahaan lain yang berada di lingkungan Kaltim Industrial Estate. Adapun pembahasan judul training yang berlangsung tepatnya di Hotel Seminyak, Bali antara tanggal 8 dan 9 Desember 2022 ini adalah sebagai berikut.

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Production continuity is a keyword in any process production activities, and power system play important role to keep all of the operation. Gas turbine is known for its high power and high efficiency power generator with low volume engine. Its high energy, high speed rotation, etc., will become advantage if it’s operated and maintained properly. Gas turbine principle and performance however should be understood by operator and any person who get involved with them to increase performance of the operation, maintenance, safety, etc.


In this training, gas turbine generator will be discussed from principle, application, components and its maintenance. Moreover, failure phenomena such as surge, stall, stonewall and their control system to improve safety will also be introduced.

After completion of this training participant will understand about the basic principle, application and control system that will help them for improving safety and problem solving on operation and maintenance activities.


  1. Engineering Design
  2. Basics Operating Principles
  • Implementation and selection
  • Energy conversion
  1. Turbine Components
  • Engine Case – Air Inlet
  • Compressor Section
  • Diffuser & Combustion
  • Turbine & Exhaust
  1. Bearings & Seals
  1. Lubrication & Lube Oil
  • Lube Oil Filters & Coolers
  • Lube Oil Instrumentation
  1. Fuel Systems
  2. Starting System
  3. Turbine control system
  • Surging, stall, and stonewall
  1. Principles of Power Generator
  2. Generator Components
  3. Generator Control

Berisi hasil penilaian setiap kompetensi dan aspek-aspek lain yang diukur, strenght & Weakness, serta recommendation & development needs.

Untuk jadwal training lainnya selain In House Training Gas Turbine Generator PT Kaltim Daya Mandiri juga menggelar In House Training yang beritanya dapat dilihat di link berikut => In House Training.

Untuk judul dan informasi online training, kunjungi juga website PT Expertindo lainnya di alamat

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