Training Greenhouse Gas Management Hasnur Group

Training Greenhouse Gas Management Hasnur Group
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Pada tanggal 28 dan 29 Desember 2023, PT Expertindo Training yang merupakan salah satu perusahaan training dan consulting terbaik di Indonesia menggelar training dengan judul Greenhouse Gas Management di Jakarta. Training yang berlangsung selama dua hari ini diikuti 3 peserta yang berasal dari Hasnur Group. Hasnur Group adalah konglomerat Indonesia yang berkantor pusat di Jakarta Selatan. Didirikan oleh Abdussamad Sulaiman HB pada tahun 1966. Bergerak di bidang kehutanan, pertambangan, media, jasa dan tim sepak bola profesional Indonesia, PS Barito Putera. Adapun pembahasan training yang berlangsung ini adalah sebagai berikut.

Foto Training Greenhouse Gas Management Hasnur Group


Greenhouse Gas Management Training is designed to prepare people professionally to contribute to a new low carbon world. The United Nations’ Paris Agreement is now in effect and calls for significant short-term and drastic long-term reductions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Such efforts require a new generation of highly-trained GHG managers.
Many countries are establishing market-based mechanisms and other policies to reduce emissions. In response to the demand for mitigation, approximately 40,000 entities around the world quantify and report GHG emissions or removals. Many want to minimize emissions; others report to mandatory programs or want to be ready to make disclosures when those are required. Still others want to gain competitive advantage, improve their energy efficiency, or demonstrate that they take environmental issues seriously and be recognized for their efforts. A growing number of large corporations put an internal price on carbon when evaluating business opportunities. This program provides a powerful means to acquire up-to-date knowledge of the technical facets associated with managing GHG emissions using globally-applicable standards. Specifically, the program addresses the measurement, reporting, analysis, reduction, trading, and verification of GHG emissions.


1. GHG management in the context of the challenges posed by climate change
2. Fundamental concepts of GHG accounting
3. Methods for estimating GHG emissions, with emphasis on energy-related activities
4. Project-level mitigation through energy efficiency and renewable energy
5. Mitigation policies and programs, including carbon markets
6. GHG management data systems and reporting
7. Verifying emissions and emission reductions

Untuk jadwal training lainnya selain Training Greenhouse Gas Management Hasnur Group di atas juga menggelar In House Training yang beritanya dapat dilihat di link berikut => In House Training.

Untuk judul dan informasi online training, kunjungi juga website PT Expertindo lainnya di alamat

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