Training dan Sertifikasi American Academy Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

Training dan Sertifikasi American Academy Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
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PT Expertindo sebagai salah satu perusahaan jasa training dan konsultan terkemuka di Indonesia menggelar training dan sertifikasi yang kali ini bekerja sama dengan American Academy di kota Yogyakarta. Judul training yang diselenggarakan di beberapa lokasi yang berbeda di Yogyakarta antara lain Certified Human Resources Analyst, Certified Leadership Consultant dan Certified International Digital Marketing. Training yang disertai sertifikasi di hari ketiga pelaksanaannya ini diikuti peserta yang berasal dari Universitas Ahmad Dahlan dengan jumlah total belasan peserta. Adapun pembahasan masing-masing judul training yang berlangsung dari tanggal 4 hingga 6 Oktober 2022 adalah sebagai berikut.

Foto Training dan Sertifikasi American Academy Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

Certified Human Resources Analyst

As more human resource professionals are invited to participate at the executive level, project management skills and processes become critical tools in meeting the organization’s strategic talent and management objectives. Through training and implementation of project management principals and processes, the organization can reap the benefits of clear communications; an understanding of performance expectations; vertical alignment of human resources (people) to drive strategic goals and objectives; and improve overall productivity.

Certified Leadership Consultant

Leadership is defined as “a process of influencing others to achieve a goal.” This course is derived from theory and research and uses real life observations and experiences from both faculty and students.

Advanced social work professionals require to leadership knowledge, skills and abilities to better understand and meet the challenges of working within complex and diverse urban social settings that address a range of contemporary social service issues.

The course will address a panoply of topics to enhance effective practices. Among these are motivation, communication skills, power and influence, team building and group facilitation, conflict management and various approaches to leadership styles and methods with emphasis on situational approaches and transformational leadership.

One purpose of this course is to help participants become more effective leaders and to better understand the demands of leadership. Specifically, the course will serve as a guide for interpreting leadership theory and research and fill the gaps between leadership theory and practice.

While not all master’s level social workers will take responsibility for formally leading or managing organizations and projects, but informal leaders do emerge and followershipis intrinsically a part of the leadership process

Certified International Digital Marketing

Digital innovations such as big data and analytics, cloud and mobile solutions, social media, and the Internet of Things are changing  the  dynamics  of  competition  across  industries. Business leaders know they must transform their organizations in response, but they do not know how. Having the right technologies in place is important, but not sufficient. The full benefits of digital transformation can only be   realized   through   a clear   understanding   of   digital technologies, a visionary   digital   strategy,   appropriate organizational change, and extensive capability building. We have designed  the Digital Marketing  syllabus to cover the aspects of Internet, Social Media and Mobile Marketing that we think are most relevant to the marketing mix for ‘Business to Business’ (B2B), ‘Business to Consumer’ (B2C) and ‘Not-for- Profit’ marketing, communications and PR. The   training   encompasses   the   channels,   platforms   and techniques  covered  over  the  intensive  4-day training  course should be at the core of any general marketing plan and form the foundation for digital marketing activity, whether in-house or outsourced to third party agencies and consultants. The American Academy certified tutors will work hard to share their  experience  and  expertise  in  the  time  available,  giving participants that a general overview of each aspect of Digital Marketing  and  sharing  techniques  and  strategies  that  the participants can implement effectively for business growth and development of business.

Untuk jadwal training lainnya selain Training dan Sertifikasi American Academy Universitas Ahmad Dahlan PT Expertindo juga menggelar In House Training yang beritanya dapat dilihat di link berikut => In House Training.

Untuk judul dan informasi online training, kunjungi juga website PT Expertindo lainnya di alamat

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