Certified Conflict Resolution Professional

Certified Conflict Resolution Professional
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Certified Conflict Resolution Professional

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Rp 6.900.000 Per Peserta

USD $ 500 apabila mengikuti ujian sertifikasi

Certified Conflict Resolution Professional



Conflict is not by nature good or bad. Conflicts may occur in the workplace due to differences in communication styles, needs, opinions, goals, priorities or may be related to people coming from diverse backgrounds. Poor communication is a major contributor to conflict. This can include reading body language, failure to share information, or receiving inconsistent messages. Without a sound approach to conflict resolution in the workplace, employees who are in conflict may become less inclined to collaborate. When resolved properly, conflicts can lead to better ideas, better understanding, and better working relationships.


Managing people requires “people skills”—new levels of communication and conflict-resolution skills. Often these new managers or supervisors have new challenges that they had not imagined before. They find themselves in the middle of conflict with direct reports. Many times what the managers or leaders wants, needs, and expects from staff is counter to what the staff wants, needs, and expects. The managers or leaders also must stand up for the people within the organization, fighting on their behalf with other business units for scarce resources, managing expectations and workload, negotiating for positions, promotions, and opportunities. And they also stands between co-workers who are having their own share of conflicts, aiming to harmonize differences so that people can get back to work.


Are you prepared to manage these conflicts? Can you build rapport among battling parties and encourage their mutual cooperation? Do you have the finesse and problem-solving skill needed to achieve a workable resolution while preserving the parties’ integrity and fragile relationship? Do you have the maturity and composure to persist with parties in conflict when they appear to have reached the limits of their willingness to bargain?


The Certified Conflict Resolution Professional (CCRP) program provides participants with the strategic knowledge and techniques needed to resolve conflict effectively in order to achieve the organization’s long term business goals. The program also serves as an excellent platform for participants to obtain wider insight into the broad spectrum of conflict resolution.



  • Analyzing a conflict and move toward its resolution with more assurance of a positive outcome for everyone.
  • Addressing common managerial pitfalls, avoiding vague environments, recognizing the difference between fix-it tactics and resolution, and taking a realistic view of your skills
  • Preparing to facilitate, kicking off a mediation meeting, listening to employees’ perspectives, summarizing, reflecting, and reframing, and creating a road map for discussion.
  • Getting employees to open up, homing in on values, brainstorming to generate ideas, posing the right questions, and overcoming common conflict obstacles.
  • Reconvening a mediation session, creating settlements, and closing the meeting on a positive note
  • Recognizing your role as facilitator, using various methods to gather information, conducting a group conflict meeting, and following up with the team.



  • During the program, participants will be provided with a comprehensive information which will be easy to re-use, reference, and share at the workplace.
  • Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to learn concepts related to conflict resolution as well as best practice approaches on how to resolve conflict effectively.
  • As the program will be delivered by extensively experienced Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, you will have the opportunity to discuss, consult, and relate to conflict resolution issues and problems at your work place and understand how such issues and problems would be resolved.
  • After successfully completing the program, you will have the opportunity to brand yourself with the title Certified Conflict Resolution Professional (CCRP).



  • Professional certification establishes credibility.
  • Certification recognizes professional achievement. It is a visible reminder to co-workers and senior management of the holder’s expertise.
  • Certification allows you to make a greater contribution to your organization’s success. The knowledge and visibility you gain provide you with an opportunity to make a difference in your organization.
  • Certification moves with you as you change organizations and careers.
  • A highly valued certification gives you a distinct advantage in the job market. Certification gives you an extra measure of confidence as a candidate.



This two days training program is designed for Manager, Supervisor, Team Leader, and anyone who has received no formal preparation in managing conflict and needs skill building and practical methods for handling organizational and personal conflicts.




The trainer uses up-to-date training techniques and a variety of training methods, to help all participants learn about conflict resolution. All of the training will carried out in a relaxed supportive atmosphere. During the training session, participants had the opportunity to consult directly with the trainer on conflict resolution issues and ways to overcome those issues.



Module 1. The Nature of Conflict

Module 2. Ten Steps for Turning Negatives into Positive

Module 3. Understanding What People Bring to Conflict

Module 4. Determining How Groups Contribute to Conflict

Module 5. Practicing Self-Awareness: Understanding How You Foster Conflict

Module 6. Knowing When to Address Conflict

Module 7. Developing a Plan and Preparing for a Meeting

Module 8. Starting a Mediation Meeting and Creating a Working Agenda

Module 9. Negotiating Possible Solutions to a Conflict

Module 10. Offering Proposals and Crafting Agreements

Module 11. Adapting a Conflict Meeting for the Entire Team

Module 12. Monitoring Agreements and Progress


Muthia Nurrakhmi, S.Psi, M.Psi, Psikolog and team —- Professional konsultan dibidang Human Resource yang telah memberikan training dan konsultasi di berbagai perusahaan baik BUMN,  swasta nasional maupun multinasional.


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